Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll

teddy-babe-plush-dollTeddy Plush Doll (£469)

One of the most beautiful of the Teddy Babe dolls, these plush sex dolls are the most cuddly and fuckable ever made.  Much cheaper than silicone sex dolls, they are scarcely any less realistic, but much nicer to hold, carress, hug, and of course fuck!

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Realistic Tits

pipedream-titsPipedream Realistic Tits (£289)

Don’t just look! You can touch, squeeze, lick, and suck these amazingly realistic tits from PipeDream. Enjoy the best tit fuck you ever had, time and time again. You can even put bras on these tits so you can have the fun of unstrapping them. Also sliding in and out of a masturbator whilst fondling and sucking these boobs is a great cheap alternative to buying a full sex doll.

Leticia Realistic Vagina & Ass Inflatable Doll

leticia-dollLeticia Inflatable Doll (£129)

One of the most realistic inflatable sex dolls available in the UK, sweet Leticia has an ultra-realistic pussy as well as an ass so real and tight that you will spend countless hours pumping your load into it.

One of the prettiest doll faces outside of the premium range silicon models.

Soft breasts with beautiful life-like nipples.

BJ Betty Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

bj-betty-sex-dollBJ Betty (£199)

BJ Betty is the next generation in realistic inflatable sex dolls.  Combing the realism of luxury silicone dolls but retaining the price tag of dolls affordable to every man.  BJ Betta has a truly pretty face that invites you to slide your penis into her mouth – a beautiful blowjob awaits you.  As well as 3 realistic flesh orifices, this beautiful doll has life-like hair, eyes, hands and feet!

Pipedream Extreme Mona Mountains Realistic Sex Doll

mona-mountainsMona Mountains Doll (£139)

A beautifully realistic doll with a pussy and ass that are as super tight as they are incredibly life-like.

The beautiful blonde hair on this doll is a particular stand out feature.

Double D breasts that feel so good to squeeze or even tit fuck.

Young and Hot Blow Up Sex Doll

young-and-hotYoung and Hot Doll (£99)

This sexy young doll combines the affordability and convienece of a blow up doll, with the best features of an expensive realistic sex doll.

When inflated, the doll stands at a perfectly life-like 5ft 1 inches tall.  A gorgeous and realistic face is combined with three ultra-realistic CyberSkin holes for you to enjoy.

Three sweet holes for you to fuck with this 5ft young and pretty sex doll.

Hanbun-ko Chojo Anne Doll from Japan

hanbun-ko-chojo-anne-dollJapanese Half-Size Doll ($703)

This beautiful life-like doll from Japan is half-size, and measure around 2ft 6.

The doll is made from vinyl material, with beautiful acrylic eyes and gogeously realistic polyester hair.

The doll comes in a fixed pose.  Insertable ona-hole/masturbator is not included and can be ordered at the same site.  Click on image for more details.

Realistic Penhouse Sex Dolls

Penthouse have launched a range of reasonably priced and yet realistic sex dolls modelled on some of their famous porn stars.  Although the faces are not as pretty and ultra-realistic as silicone sex dolls that cost $7,000, these dolls have amazing bodies and cost at a fraction of the price at just over $1,500.  See the video of them being fucked and tell me you would not like to be able to do this to them every day for years!


Vibrating Nurse Doll

nurse-dollVibrating Nurse Doll (£51)

Feeling lonely?  This sexy nurse will cure your blues?  A vibrating life-size sexy nurse doll that will let you fuck her in every hole.  Comes with a sexy nurse uniform – she won’t slap you if you put your hand up her skirt!  TWO vibrators provide a buzz for each of her love holes!

Tereza Barkley Doggie Style Blow Up Doll

tereza-barkleyTereza Barkley Doll (£15)

Life-size inflatable doll based on the porn actress Tereza Barkley.

The face is an actual screen print of the pornstar.

Contains 3 holes, with the doll positioned in the doggy style manner.

Decent blow-up doll for the price.  If you have a very limited budget or you just want to try a doll before spending on a more realistic one, this isn’t a bad purchase.

Penthouse Exotic Sex Doll Cyber Skin

penthouse-exotic-dollPenthouse Exotic Doll (£79)

Superb life-size (4ft 8) inflatable doll that features ultra-realistic cyberskin pussy and ass orifices that are removable and can be used also as seperate masturbators.

Cut Asian style love doll with a realistic 3D painted face.  You will surely want to kiss her luscious lips as you pound each of her tight holes in turn.